Tony Stewart’s Early Hot Streak

Tony Stewart is the reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup champion this year, and it looks like he is out to defend that title with a vengeance.  After just 5 races into the season so far, Tony has now added two wins to his collection for this year.  2 out of 5 is interesting enough; however, that has to be an interesting change of pace for Stewart, who is not used to winning races so early in the season.  Tony Stewart is best known for his midsummer winning streaks.  Today’s race at Fontana (California) was set to be a 200 lap race (400 miles); however, rain kicked in after lap 100 so once the rain came down in earnest, the race was called with Tony in the lead, so he won.  Apparently that was his the race closed in on 70 laps, Tony was driving so aggressively, a couple other drivers got a little agitated with him.  Stewart was driving as if he was in the last leg of the race, rather than the first third of it.  Apparently, Team Stewart-Haas decided that the rain was going to end things early, so best if Tony got up front and stayed there.  So he did.  Congratulations to Tony Stewart on his second win of the season  (Already!!)  and a shout out to Junior, who finished third, and who also seems to be doing incredibly well already this season.


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