Postbox Editions

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of most email clients (desktop) even though I need one, I can’t find one that I like.  I use to use Opera Mail, but they decided upon some fit of insanity and reduced the web browser to a Chrome a like and stripped the email client out (my favorite feature of a browser) and then crapped up the email client to boot.  More on my anti-Opera ex-fangirl rant later.  So, I have had to do a few searches on good desktop clients.  My requirements are not difficult really; I’m not a ‘power-email’ user.  I do have about 7 different email accounts, 2 of which are on Yandex Mail.  Yes, the Russian Yandex.  Don’t judge, I like it.  I’m tired of Google being in my business.  Some email clients choke up trying to connect to the server or act like Yandex is something obscure.  Google it. Yandex is huge.  So, I thought, okay Opera Mail.  Well, the last few versions in the browser have been a pain in the ass to set up some of my accounts with.  (Ever since Opera 11, I swear).  I have been using Windows Live Mail Desktop for a while..I liked the color coding for all my different email accounts, so I could see at a glance which account I’m seeing.  Yes, I get confused.  However, the spam filter on WLM is the world’s worst punchline.  No matter how many times I try, it still sees my Kmart emails as phishing (ugh) and at blocking junk that actually is junk, well, hit or miss at best.  Then it likes to play this game of let’s do nothing while we set ‘message flags’ which is code for wasting my time.  Often times, when i’ve needed to send something to myself, the mail may take up to 20 minutes to show. Apparently it’s making a latte.  So here I am again, needing an email client that doesn’t suck dead goat balls and just does what it’s supposed to do–fetch the damn mail.  Back to Thunderbird.  Loved it back when Firefox was shiny and new.  Yes, new..I remember when Firefox hit 1 million downloads 🙂  But since then, Thunderbird has gotten flaky.  Like unreliable flaky.  Like me, flaky.  It’s okay for me, I’m entertaining as all get out but I need my email to be the responsible grownup I’m incapable of being.  Sometimes it sends mail, sometimes not.  Fetch my email please?  Maybe from 3 accounts or 4 but not all 8 right now thanks.  Let me get back to you after a latte.  This is why I hate coffee.

So, today I decided to try out Postbox.  They have a free, very stripped down version of their main $10 offering.  So I downloaded it, expecting little, since their main offering has so many more features.  I installed it to take it for a spin.  It immediately imported my old accounts from my Thunderbird app data folder that I forgot about after uninstalling that, so 4 of my accounts were imported, old mail, new mail, account data and all–right off the bat..So, I says, chuckling evilly…let’s see how you do with Yandex.  It says–add an email I entered in my secondary Yandex email addy.  Less than 1 second later, it’s got all the server settings..yes, I did say less than 1 second.  Okay, not only did it have the last laugh getting those settings but also faster than anything I’ve ever seen.  Okay, okay, I know when to cry uncle.  I added the other yandex addy and faster than it took me to type it, the settings were there.  Another problematic account was my Live account.  For some reason, that thing is a thorn in my ass; the only reason i keep it is the fact that it’s the shortest email address I have and therefore comes in handy during shopping.  Postbox Express decided to up the ante and add that bastard too!  That’s okay though..I’ve got the winning hand here.  I’m sure those 3 accounts will never send or receive mail..they never did on Opera, and only sporadically worked on WLM and T’Bird.  So, I sent off testing emails to each of those accounts..from each of those accounts.  I hit send, took the time to say ok, here we go..clicked on get mail for those accounts and there they were.  All of them.  Shit.  I may have just gotten roped into paying for this thing.


Postbox Editions.


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