Screw You, Paypal

I sold a pair of ‘Replica’ Beats headphones on eBay..clearly stated in the title they were a replica and later in the description I talked about how great they sounded despite not being authentic Beats.  So this guy Rasheed buys them (he had a feedback score of 59 with one negative, so not someone i would suspect of fraud); then when he got them, he was mad they weren’t authentic and called me a douche (horribly misspelled) however he did not ask for a refund which would have been fine (I have a 100% feedb. score) but INSTEAD, he called his credit card company and told them someone else charged the headphones on his card, so Paypal froze the payment.  Paypal asked for the tracking number of the delivery to prove that he had gotten it and I sent Paypal a screenshot of the eBay message showing him getting upset over his purchase.  The credit card company gave him his money back, so Paypal charged me the purchase price and a $20 fee..$70 gone AND he got to keep the headphones!!!!!  It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but on a fixed income, $70 means the difference in paying a bill for the I’m in debt to Paypal and they are going to shut down my account and turn this over to collection..<–I got that notice AFTER trying to transfer a $20 payment to those assholes.

Then I find out that I’m not alone..I found some remarkably similar stories to mine here:  PAYPAL SUCKS


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