After using my Linux only laptop for several years, I found myself having to buy a Windows computer for my job.  As soon as I started using Windows again, I realized I hate Windows Explorer with the burning fire of a thousand STDs.  Seriously, there is nothing that it can do, without repeated, endless clicking.  I wondered if there was a viable alternative.  I discovered FreeCommanderXE.  There are other file managers for Windows but either they were going to take longer than 3 minutes to learn or they weren’t free.  So, those were my main reasons for choosing FreeCommander rather than something else that someone else might like better.  The interface is pretty Windows 98 but it works great.  I have it set up with 2 panes, each pane having whatever tabs I want (a NECESSITY) and toolbars so I can do batch rename, copy, move etc with one click.  I’m happier now.  I hate Windows..there is nothing that works ‘out of the box’ that I really like!


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