About Pariah

So what’s to know about me? I’m not the kind of person who is easily categorized..I’m an oddity, an enigma, an outcast…a pariah. My friends always say I’m the weirdest person they know. Whatever is on my mind, I’ll say it. Don’t ask my opinion unless you really want it.
I’m complicated and contradictory. I break the rules and defy authority. Trying to classify me is a total waste of time because there’s always an exception to everything! I’m grunge, nerdy, goth, emo, weird as hell, skater, punk (even girly once in a purple moon) it all just depends on my mood! I’m a computer geek who loves NASCAR. I’m also a graphic designer.  The header image is my artwork.  I’m a hick from the sticks with a college education. I like to talk computers and I am an advanced Linux newb published on Linux Mint and TinyMe Linux.

In fact, all of my tech posts used to be here until I decided that my blog was getting too big for its britches so I moved all my Linux posts from here to their very own WordPress blog. It’s called Obsessive Compulsive Linux Disorder and it lives HERE.

I’m not “sweet.” I don’t have time to baby your feelings so I say what I mean.

I might be somewhat of a lunatic. People say I am crazy, or weird or strange or nuts or whatever…they are absolutely right.

I’m not all that sociable. I have my friends that I hang out with and they rock but I just like me better than anyone else.

I was born poor, I’ve lived my life poor and I am going to die poor. I really don’t mind that much. As long as I have what I need, life is good. The one exception is that my dream house is a castle in England.

Another strange bit of trivia about me: I am a race fan. (A geek into NASCAR?) Yes, I am a NASCAR girl…but again, not the typical kind. I actually know about cars. Tony Stewart is my favorite driver just as Dale Earnhardt Senior was my favorite before him. I love all kinds of racing, from Formula One to Midgets and Hornets, dirt track on down to good old demolition derbies!

Tony Lookin Good

Tony Lookin Good


8 thoughts on “About Pariah

  1. I thought all geeks are pariahs, and I am one of them. It’s nice being an outcast.

    I’ll make sure I come by again next time.

  2. Twisted? Girl, according to your self-description, you are one of the more sane humanoids on the planet. Pat yourself on the back for having a brain, being free from god-belief, and enjoying the finer, simpler things in life.

    Also, I’ve always said that “stupidity should be painful.” If only!

  3. “needlessly nice and I’m insane…I have no idea. The man of my dreams is probably in an insane asylum somewhere”
    give me a few more years.. unless they can’t catch me..
    “I’m not much to look at”
    hmm, your face shots look pretty good.. might be my tastes, though… anyway, all photos are terribly inaccurate…

  4. Thank you for the nice compliments about my blog. This is actually a free theme provided by WordPress that I have modified using my own artwork.

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