Thoughts about Slimjet Browser

I had some thoughts about the SlimJet Browser and thought I’d share.  As a graphic designer, I run some pretty intensive (and by that I mean bloated–looking at you Adobe!) programs and often have to have several of them open at a time, such as email client, browser, AI, PS, and a font manager. That’s a lot of RAM being used.  I decided to look for a more resource friendly browser than Firefox Nightly (which I LOVE and is my default browser now) to use while working.  So far, I have tested lots of browsers from Avant to Yandex and everything in between.  My main (pretty much only) requirement is the LastPass extension.  So, while trying some really basic browsers such as Dillo (someone redesign the UI, stat!) and the wow! fast Maxthon Nitro, I wasn’t really able to utilize the more basic browsers (unfortunately..seriously, Nitro is stupid fast).  I ended up trying out SlimJet after several others that I wondered about, such as Comodo IceDragon, Vivaldi (which I’m hanging on to, due to its spirit of Opera 12 attitude) and Light Firefox, just to name a few.  I really tried a lot of them. SlimJet has a wealth of features and somehow manages to keep memory usage down to less than Windows Explorer or my email client.  I highly recommend it as a secondary browser, or primary even.  For those who need literally no extras, bells or whistles, check out Maxthon Nitro.

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Source: Fastest web browser that blocks all ads and protects your privacy – Slimjet